There aren’t enough words to describe the gorgeous sexy babe of the day Whitney.

Silk’n BellaFlash Pro Hair Removal System
  • 1 kg (35.2 oz.)
  • Certified organic
  • Natural energy booster
  • Chlorophyll rich; a powerful detoxifier that helps the body purge chemicals and harmful matters
  • Boosts metabolism; aids in weight loss
  • 15x the health benefits of regular green tea
  • 70x the antioxidants of orange juice
  • 9x the beta carotene of spinach
  • LED illumination when dispensing
  • Push and pour perfect 44.4 ml (1.5 oz) shots every time!
  • Leak proof, spring loaded dispenser
  • Holds 4 bottles up to 1 L each (32 oz)
  • Aluminum frame with sturdy base
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